When will I receive my order? 

Everything on the site is ready to ship! Processing time is 1-5 business days unless stated otherwise. Processing time will always be written in the announcement bar at the top of the website. Processing time + shipping time is when you will receive your order. 

I accidentally put the wrong address for my order?

Send an email to nakedwtbd@gmail.com with your order number and “address change” as the subject. Please include your full name and correct address! Keep in mind processing time is only 1-5 days. If you made this mistake, email us immediately so the issue can be resolved before the order goes out. 

What happens if my order is lost in transit? 

Route is automatically added to your cart for a small fee. This is package protection! Once your order is shipped I am no longer responsible for your package. If your package is lost or damaged in transit, Route is able to issue a full refund. All issues are resolved within the Route App. If you remove Route from your cart your order is no longer protected. (Route is an “add to cart” feature. If you purchase through the product page with apple pay, Route will not be automatically applied. PLEASE ADD TO CART. PLEASE PURCHASE ROUTE.)

How do I wash my one of a kind garment? 

One of a kind items are hand made with high quality heat set materials. They are very durable and meant to last a long time with proper care. With that being said, hand washing your garment is recommended. This will preserve color, paint, dye, and any embellishments added. Soak in cold water and detergent or spot treat then hang dry. 

What is your return policy?

All sales are final with one of a kind items. These items are pricey and in high demand. Please read the size chart and description before purchasing. All other items may be returned within 10 days of your order arriving for store credit. 

Do you do restocks?

If the item you are looking to purchase is hand made, it is likely one of a kind and will never restock! Other manufactured items (tees, crop tops, accessories ect.) restock occasionally if in high demand. If you’re interested in those items restocking, send us a DM! 

Do you do influencer collaborations or have brand ambassadors? 

We do not! Our mission is not to maximize reach so these kinds of exchanges aren’t necessary. Instead we like to give back with giveaways and PR boxes. PR boxes are sent to our most loyal supporters on a one-off basis. We understand our products are expensive, interaction and kind words are more than enough. Posting is never expected but only appreciated if you receive PR.

Do you take custom orders or commissions?

Customs are reserved for stylists, artists, celebrity figures, and other brands. Please reach out to nakedwtbd@gmail.com to inquire